9 Celebrities With Really Weird Hobbies

Friday, December 2 by

Angelina Jolie – Collecting Daggers

This baby seems to have a pretty awesome hobby as well.

Yup. Angelina Jolie collects daggers. And the sky is blue. Let’s move on.

Leslie Mann – Unicycling

The typecast-as-shrill actress from Big Daddy and Knocked Up likes to ride a unicycle. I’m praying that Judd Apatow’s nickname isn’t “unicycle.” She said, in regards to her hobby, “It’s so weird, now that I think about it…”

It takes an interview about your hobbies for you to come to the realization that riding a unicycle is weird? Here’s how you figure out if your hobby is weird, Leslie. Draw a Venn diagram with two circles representing “normal people” and “your hobby.” If there is a three-inch gap between the two circles, you have yourself a weird hobby.

Kristen Stewart – Juggling

She’s got a goofy side! Unless juggling is some sort of physical therapy to fight twitchiness. If it is, then I guess this isn’t so much a hobby as it is “medical treatment.” So either she likes juggling a lot, or her doctor prescribed it to her.

My guess is that Kristen Stewart can’t juggle for shit. I bet if you put her on the spot, she would just toss the beanbags in the air and they would come falling down in a matter of seconds. And it would be horribly awkward, because at the end she would be all, “That’s me juggling.” And I would have to politely smile then ask her what Kellan Lutz is really like off-camera, or something.

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