9 Celebrities With Really Weird Hobbies

Friday, December 2 by

George Lucas – Feeds Squirrels

This makes me laugh. A tiny, bearded, flannel-clad man sits alone in the park, with the only living creatures that won’t judge him for his recent projects – squirrels. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he has named the squirrels and utters things like, “There, there, Mace Windu, share that pumpernickel with the rest of the Jedis.”

Were the Ewoks the cause of this obsession, or the effect? Either way, awesome.

David Arquette – Knitting

This really isn’t that surprising. I don’t know if any David Arquette hobby could really be surprising. So he knits. That’s pretty much the tamest thing I could have guessed. Something tells me that when he knits, though, he knits like 17 hours a day.

“Daddy’s knitting. Go away.”

I bet he’s up to place mats by now. Look out!

Susan Sarandon – Ping-Pong

How much does Susan Sarandon like ping-pong? Enough that she doesn’t just play it, but she’s a member of a ping-pong “society” (I guess that’s classier than a club?) that frequents a bar called SPiN in NYC (she’s actually an investor) that caters to paddlers. In fact, she was there for the Vanity Fair-sponsored grand opening party, sipping tequila and miming the actions of a player she was watching until it was her turn to play.

This makes Susan Sarandon even cooler than that SNL digital short did.

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