9 Celebrities With Really Weird Hobbies

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Yes, but what of the rare 'Casper the Ghost' comic that inspired the 'Saw' franchise?  

News broke yesterday that Nicolas Cage sold his Superman comic (Action Comics #1, for the aficionados out there) for $2.1 million. Some people will be surprised to learn that Nic Cage is an avid comic collector, others won’t be because he’s something of a comic book character himself. Despite his best efforts, Cage doesn’t have the market cornered on weird celebrity hobbies. Rather, he’s joined by quite a few folks who unwind with everything from typewriters to ping-pong to tree-climbing.

Celebrities! They’re weird like us!

Tom Hanks – 1940’s Typewriters

“I have almost 200 old portable manual typewriters. Most of them are actually working and I keep them rotating.”

Is there a more Tom Hanks-like hobby than collecting old typewriters? That was rhetorical. There is not. That’s awesome. I was hoping that a guy like Hanks would have some weird hobby, like collecting Nazi flatware like Chris Cooper did in American Beauty, but then I remembered that Hanks LOVES World War II, and even that wouldn’t be very weird. Tom Hanks is physically incapable of doing anything that isn’t adorable.

Simon Cowell – Climbing Trees

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of background here, but on a press call, Simon Cowell just mentioned offhand that he likes to climb trees. Like, a lot. In fact, his exact quote was “I climb trees daily. It’s like a ritual.” I am just imagining him sitting atop a beautiful oak while Ruben Studdard and Adam Lambert are scrambling at the bottom, looking for footholds. In my imagination, Ruben is also crying a lot because he’s scared of heights.

Rod Stewart – Model Trains

Granted, this hobby isn’t all that strange, but it seems extremely out of place for a guy like Rod Stewart.

The Bobby Baccalieri of celebrities, when he’s not buying professional soccer teams, Rod Stewart likes to take his mind off the fact that his daughter is friends with Paris Hilton by building model railways. He was actually featured on the cover of Model Railroader with his recreation of Grand Central Station, which even features little people in 1940’s garb and boasts 100 feet of railroad. It’s hard to make fun of this hobby when he’s had the career he’s had. In fact, he manages to make building model railroads kind of rock and roll. Not bad, Rod.

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