9 Awesomely Insane Celebrity Political Endorsements

Tuesday, December 13 by

John Mayer (Ron Paul)

Everyone has to remember the awesome John Mayer video where he drunkenly endorses Ron Paul. It’s horrifying, to be sure, but significantly less horrifying than having to listen to his music. Paul had secured the backing of other prominent douchebags, like Penn Jilette, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. Perhaps as proof that America is indeed not filled with self-important d-bags, Ron Paul fared miserably during the 2008 primary, winning delegates only from states with a high rate of survival bunkers per capita, like Idaho and Nevada.

W.C. Fields (Wendell Wilkie)

For whatever reason, W.C. Fields really, really hated FDR. He called the dude “Old Gumlegs” and there’s nothing funny about that. Fields finally threw his weight behind Wendell Wilkie, a man who has the distinction of being the last non-politician nominated by a major party and the third man to get handed his ass by FDR.

The Rat Pack (John F. Kennedy)

They definitely didn’t do it because of mob connections. We at Screen Junkies aren’t even sure there’s such a thing as the mafia. You trying to tell us that these guys aren’t all legitimate businessmen?

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