7 Anti-Drug Films That Make Us Really Want To Do Drugs

Tuesday, October 18 by

Knocked Up

Knocked Up isn’t exclusively an “anti-drug” movie, but it is a movie about not wanting to grow up, as evidenced through the constant pot smoking and the backfiring mushroom-fueled trip to Las Vegas. In the end, Seth Rogen gets his house in order, quits smoking so much pot, and becomes a dad. But in the opening scenes before the impregnates Ms. Heigl, he appears to be having a damn good time with his buddies, playing pin pong, wearing scuba helmets filled with smoke, and jousting over a pool. I might be happy those years are (largely) behind me, but it sure did make me want to spend a weekend returning to them.

Walk Hard

This fictionalized biopic parody traces the arc of singer Dewey Cox as he moves through every phase of success and art that convention knows, including, of course, the drug phase. He harbors demons while battling addiction, but he has a great time doing it, jumping on a trampoline for days, doing acid with The Beatles, and getting turned on to that, evil, evil gateway drug marijuana by his bandmate, played by Tim Meadows. In fact, this scene still makes me wonder sometimes why I don’t smoke more pot.

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