7 Anti-Drug Films That Make Us Really Want To Do Drugs

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While many can argue that Friday isn’t an anti-drug movie, and that the protagonists are likable guys, the fact is that they can’t keep a job and sit on their porch smoking weed for most of the movie. Sure, they knock off the guy that stole their big and manage to escape the wrath of Big Worm, but if those are your successes, you may want to re-evaluate your life. That said, they seem to have a pretty damn good time sitting on that porch. And recovering a bike is a wholesome, Goonies-like adventure that I would like to undertake while very, very stoned. In fact, I’m pretty sure one would have to be stoned to spend an entire day just sitting next to Chris Tucker, listening to him prattle on about the words comin’ outta his mouth.

24 Hour Party People

This film documents the Manchester music scene from the mid 70’s to early 90’s, an era largely shaped by drug use, depression, and the club scene. Just like Less Than Zero, this film shows that beneath a façade of cool, there lies some profound problems with the people involved. Alcoholism and drug use, specifically E, heroin, and cocaine, all create a scene that’s as gloomy as the geography of Manchester. But it’s nearly impossible to argue that the scene isn’t cool. Cool because it’s seated in genuine desperation and sadness. Now, this may not be the most glowing pro-drug message ever, but as a fan of the music created, it would have been staggeringly cool and interesting to be involved in that scene, and being involved in that scene meant lots and lots and lots of drugs.

Get Him To The Greek

I had to look up all the ingredients that go into a “Jeffrey.” For those who don’t have photographic memories, it’s a joint laced with ecstasy, peyote, methadone, angel dust, and heroin. I’m 83% more relaxed just thinking about that. However, Aldous Snow’s drug habit proves to be a horrible coping mechanism, never made clearer than in the “Jeffrey” scene when he comes to blows with his father and ends up setting the room on fire. The scene in the Vegas hotel suite is one of such decadence that I am inclined to give it a shake, provided that there are paramedics right outside the door, and a furry wall to rub should shit go south in a hurry.

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