9 Actresses Who Are Real-Life MILFs

Tuesday, March 20 by

Halle Berry

It’s got to be hard for a kid to have a hot mom. With that thought in mind, Halle Berry’s daughter is pretty much screwed. Then again, her dad is a model and her mom is Halle Berry. So, maybe he’ll pull through after all.

January Jones

She won’t win any mother of the year awards for her portrayal of Betty Draper on Mad Men, but new mom January Jones is definitely eligible for MILF honors. Sadly, there isn’t really a ceremony or trophy involved. Just the sense of pride that comes with knowing you’re still hot even though a tiny person grew inside of you. In all fairness, the committee is working on a sash.

Naomi Watts

I bet that Naomi Watts is a good mom. You saw what she went through for her son in The Ring and that kid was a total creep. A mother of two in real-life, I hope she closely monitors the videotapes her sons are allowed to watch. She might want to make sure Mulholland Drive is on the banned list. Because boobies.

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