In just a few weeks, the entire gang is returning to East Great Falls, Michigan for American Reunion. That can only mean one thing -- Stifler's mom will be on the hunt. In honor of cinema's most esteemed MILF, we've decided to take a look at some of Hollywood's real-life MILFs. We would scream at their framed portraits all night long.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley has been a screen hottie ever since she bet on black in Passenger 57. Since that debut she has gone on to become a successful actress, model, entrepreneur, and mother of one. She also claims to have not watched television since 1979. That explains why she agreed to appear on Gossip Girl.

Mary Louise Parker

A mother of two in real life, Mary Louise Parker is best known for her role on Showtime's Weeds where she deals pot and gets naked. Perhaps she's a method actress? Dear Lord, it would be phenomenal if she were a method actress.

Heidi Klum

This mother of four is recently single and likely to be ready to mingle. Soon she'll be looking for the perfect partner to play dress up with. If the idea of this gorgeous German model playing dress up turns you on, I should make it clear that I'm referring to her dressing up as a snake slinking through an apple, an alien, and the Hindu goddess Kali as she has done over the past few years on Halloween. If that still turns you on, ewww.

Halle Berry

It's got to be hard for a kid to have a hot mom. With that thought in mind, Halle Berry's daughter is pretty much screwed. Then again, her dad is a model and her mom is Halle Berry. So, maybe he'll pull through after all.

January Jones

She won't win any mother of the year awards for her portrayal of Betty Draper on Mad Men, but new mom January Jones is definitely eligible for MILF honors. Sadly, there isn't really a ceremony or trophy involved. Just the sense of pride that comes with knowing you're still hot even though a tiny person grew inside of you. In all fairness, the committee is working on a sash.

Naomi Watts

I bet that Naomi Watts is a good mom. You saw what she went through for her son in The Ring and that kid was a total creep. A mother of two in real-life, I hope she closely monitors the videotapes her sons are allowed to watch. She might want to make sure Mulholland Drive is on the banned list. Because boobies.

Salma Hayek

A dazzling beauty who practically scorches the screen, Salma Hayek is adored by men everywhere. She's been known to date handsome actors and uber-successful billionaire businessmen. She might also be flattered to know that a guy who writes freelance on Internet movie blogs also thinks keenly of her.

Angelina Jolie

You can't have a list of Hollywood MILFs without including Angelina Jolie. If you do, one of her dozen children may come after you. And I'm pretty sure they know karate. Either way. I'm not taking any chances.

Kate Beckinsale

It's no wonder the Underworld films are as popular as they are. I bet they sold it in on the strength of this pitch: Kate Beckinsale, leather bodysuit, cartwheels. It's no wonder her husband, director Len Wiseman, wants to cast her in all of his films.

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