9 Actors Who Were Born To Play Frankenstein

Friday, September 2 by

3. Ed Helms

Granted, he looks more like Frankenstein Jr., but the proportions are all there. It’s just the size that he’s lacking, but that’s easy enough to fix. Just put him up against Tom Cruise for a sense of scale. No wait. Big Boi from Outkast comes in at 5’ 6”. And who wouldn’t pay $13 bucks to see a film with Frankenstein (as played by Ed Helms) and Big Boi? That shit would be amazing.

2. Billy Bob Thornton

Frankenstein: The Later Years. An emaciated monster drives all ove the American southwest in a 1970’s Cadillac, drinking whiskey and wondering where the time went. Thornton’s Sling Blade voice is close, but not quite there. He’ll find it. Although, Thornton will probably demand that he play harmonica as Frankenstein, and I don’t think that Frankenstein played harmonica.

1. Quentin Tarantino

If they could get QT to cut his talking by about 97%, this could work. He’s got the enormous head and lantern jaw. If Frankenstein started running with people in the club scene and did a little too much Bolivian marching powder, Tarantino would have the mannerisms down. Sam Jackson would probably have to play Dr. Frankenstein, but we want that to happen regardless of who gets cast as the monster.

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