9 Actors Who Were Born To Play Frankenstein

Friday, September 2 by

6. John Kerry

Not an actor, but way too close to ignore. Seriously, you hit this guy in the knee with a crowbar and put him in a jacket that’s too small, and you’ve got your Frankenstein. (Editor’s Note: Please don’t assault Senator Kerry with a crowbar or anything else.)

5. Ron Perlman

He just looks a lot like Frankenstein. I don’t know what else I can put here in my reasoning. Square jaw, big forehead, caveman brow. He’s got what I like to call “the whole (Frankenstein) package.” Hellboy was practically a warm-up role for this.

4. John Travolta

Oops. I used a picture of John Travolta kissing Kirk Douglas on the lips. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now.

Mostly because he has the big forehead and glassy eyes. I would love to see him act as Frankenstein. “Awjeez! I’m more monster than man! Ohmahgahd!” Also because John Travolta pretty much dresses like Frankenstein anyway, so that aspect will be an easy sell to audiences.

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