9 Actors Who Could Replace Bill Murray In ‘Ghostbusters 3′

Monday, February 13 by

Michael Keaton

He was funny in the ‘80’s and much less likely to draw ridicule than Steve Guttenberg. Therefore, he’s perfect for the part. Maybe Dan Aykroyd can even write in some set-up that explains Venkman was attacked by a ghost whose power is to completely change a person’s appearance and give them total amnesia. Just spit-balling here.

Dear God, Not Jim Belushi

Honestly, there can’t be a Ghostbusters without Bill Murray. He’s the main character and a winning one at that. Hath thy not learned anything from Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj? Or Blues Brothers 2000? It’s best to write the character out completely to avoid comparisons. No matter what the choice is, there’s only two people I support playing Dr. Peter Venkman: Bill Murray and everyone in the world who is not Jim Belushi. And I will club Dan Aykroyd with his own vodka bottle if he attempts to cast this tubby piece of sh*t.

Jeff Bridges

Meet Paul Venkman. He’s Dr. Venkman’s cousin from another state who is also a fast-talking paranormalist. When Peter Venkman goes missing on the job, he’s brought in to help find him and prevent Hell from being unleashed on Earth. Should Bill Murray change his mind and agree to do the film, I’d still like to see Bridges in there somewhere. Preferably acting all New Age.

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