When the biopic of Ron Paul's life is inevitably made by independent producers, it shouldn't be too difficult to cast him. Assuming that Andy Serkis isn't available, there's still a lot that can be done with make-up and computer-generated wizardry. A bulbous nose here, some fuzzy eyebrows there and, viola, instant Ron Paul. Should money be an issue, here are nine actors that could play the part and still turn in a powerhouse performance.

Ian McKellan

The hands down best choice for the role is Sir Ian McKellan. Not only do they share a physical resemblance, but McKellan is an amazing actor that audiences sympathize with even when he's doing evil things like playing a Nazi or hooking Anna Paquin up to the Statue of Liberty's laser gyroscope. This is an important quality to have if you want to rely on a battery of attack ads.


Probably the most accomplished performer on this list, Tigger has proven himself a box office draw time and time again. Tigger's career spans over sixty years and he still remains a favorite with kids and adults alike. BUT his works is a little childish. We get it. He likes to bounce. He's a very physical performer but it's time that this tiger find a role he can really sink his teeth into. Surely he must be eager to prove he's also nimble as a dramatic actor. If only Disney would release him from his contract.

Fred Astaire

This one could be a bit tricky. Fred Astaire passed away in 1987 but Hollywood has come a long way since then. Computers today could easily render a Fred Astaire composite to tell the story of Paul's race for the presidency. But if they're going to go to all that trouble, they could just as easily render a composite of Paul himself. Wouldn't bring in the Broadway crowd though...

James Cromwell

They won't be confused for identical twins, but it's virtually impossible to cast a film about politics and not include James Cromwell. And if Cromwell is busy filming another political intrigue drama, you have to get James Rebhorn. It's pretty much law at this point.

Mr. Rogers

Mister Rogers is another stretch only in the sense that he's deceased. We all know Fred Rogers as the cardigan'd man who taught us to tie our shoes and trust our mailmen. So what if he talks to trolleys? Sounds like a leader to me.

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment has been on a bit of a time-out. But in Hollywood, timing is everything. He's been patient and we're not saying the film has to be made today. They could film this forty to fifty years from now when we all drive flying cars and rocket boats. Let's not forget that Osment first took planet Earth by storm because of his acting ability. He can do it again. Osment in 2062.

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan has proven he has range by working not only as an actor, but also a playwright. He's also squared off against Superman, Betty White, and Jason Vorhees. Yes, he lost in all those instances but I'm sure it's more than tempered him for Santorum.

Topher Grace

Do you remember a time before Spider-Man 3 caused us all to tear down our Topher Grace wall posters? His career kind of down-shifted after stepping into the role of Eddie Brock, but before that he was Hollywood's It Boy. In Good Company and a Traffic-induced Steven Soderbergh bromance had him poised to take the career Ryan Gosling has now. It's time that he stand up to that young potential and prove he can aim higher than roles John Cusack got too old to play.


Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter certainly shares similar likeness to Ron Paul, but it also seems a similar sense of humor. A recurring source of scandal in Paul's political career have been racist newsletters that bear his name. They were published in the 1980's and 1990's and make some really bold statements. Paul has claimed responsibility for them in the past saying that though he was not the author and does not share their view, his name appeared on the newsletters so he must take responsibility. He's also stated that he doesn't know who the author is. Meanwhile, Jeff Dunham must be kicking himself that he didn't come up with that material.

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