9 Actors Who Are More Annoying Than Woody Allen

Tuesday, November 22 by

Quentin Tarantino

QT isn’t an actor. He’s a guy that appears in movies. His manic characteristics play to his own writing really well, but he manages to stop every scene that he appears in otherwise, and that’s not meant as a compliment. I always feel as though there’s a passable actor deep down, but that’s negated the second he hoovers up seven lines of coke and starts the scene. That’s not to say I know him to be a cokehead – I don’t. But he’s got all the tendencies of one, and that puts me pretty ill at ease when I’m watching a film.

Jack McBrayer

Initially, his one note character in 30 Rock was refreshing and fun. But since then, his it’s become a caricature of what it once was, a demented hillbilly that no one would ever encounter in real life.

As with Stephen Colbert, I have NO idea where Kenneth Parcell stops and Jack McBrayer begins. He seems to play a slight variation of this character in every role (Sarah Marshall comes to mind), and it becomes less and less charming every time.

Jon Bernthal

It's nose starts of small, then gets big, then tapers down, then, right when you get to the bottom, BOOM! It gets big again. Also: He was at a Zune party?

My only real experience with him is his turn as Shane in The Walking Dead, which hardly offers actors the best material to work with. But nonetheless, since Jon Bernthal’s performances stand out among universally bad writing for all the characters, I’m going to assume that he’s got a special gift for annoying me.

Whenever he’s onscreen, I imagine the director off-screen, yell-whispering to Bernthal, “Act HARDER. Harder!”

And Bernthal, completely confused, gets slightly more intense, acting harder all the while ignoring the nuances of whatever lines and character he is supposed to convey.

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