9 90’s Movies We Need To Stop Quoting In 2012

Monday, January 2 by
Don't argue. Just knock it off.  

New Years resolution time, kiddos. Let’s start off with something manageable and attainable. If you fancy yourself somewhat grown-up and witty, perhaps you would be interested in weaning yourself off of so many trite movie quotes. Now, I’m not saying you should go cold turkey, but perhaps you could just lessen your dependence, showcasing your rapier’s wit. If that’s too much, just try quoting other movies.

Because no one’s really impressed or amused by your heavy-handed Austin Powers impression anyway.

The Big Lebowski

This film doesn’t hold up quite so well. It’s not that the years haven’t been that kind to it. It’s as relevant as it was when it was released. It’s just that we’re not 12 anymore, so jokes about an old man beating up a younger slob with anger issues isn’t that intriguing. Also, when you think about it, eating pieces of shit for breakfast is pretty foul.

Acceptable holdout: Anything Chubbs-related. “You’re acting like a damn fool,” especially.

Dumb and Dumber

You know what? I made a mistake. This one should stay. I was thinking about usable quotes, and there are just too many. This film offers wonderful lines about Aspen, John Denver being full of shit, being statistically more likely to die on the way to the airport, and dead pet parakeets.

Acceptable holdout: Eh, pretty much all of them, as long as that fella over there is Sea Bass.

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