The relationship between video games and movies hasn't always been a blissful coupling. The phrase "video game movie" is used exclusively with scorn by movie critics and audience members, and not for nothing: Pretty much every movie based on a video game since video games were invented has been terrible. But there may be hope for the form yet. Here are eight video game movies we want to see.

"Metroid Prime" It makes sense that the best source materials for video game movies would be video games that are already highly cinematic. This would definitely be the case with "Metroid Prime." The "Metroid" series was always strongly influenced by the "Alien" movies - one of the chief villains, Ridley, is named after the director of "Alien," Ridley Scott. A "Metroid Prime" movie has the potential to be really cool. There's a badass female protagonist with a laser cannon on her arm, lots of cool villains like space pirates and floating laser-firing giant jellyfish called Metroids. They might have to flesh out the storyline a bit, but there's no doubt that a good "Metroid Prime" movie would shatter the video game movie stigma once and for all.

"Starfox Adventures" The "Starfox" games have lots of ingredients necessary for a succesful film franchise: Loveable characters. Cool weapons. A good villain. Space fights. But only "Starfox Adventures" has a crucial fourth ingredient: Dinosaurs. That's right, this entry in the "Starfox" series has Fox McLoud fighting to save Dinosaur Planet. "Starfox" + dinosaurs = box office gold.

"Virtua Cop" This 90s arcade favorite would make a cool video game movie for the simple reason that you can never have too many movies featuring cops shooting criminals. Make it a martial arts movie with Sammo Hung as the chief bad guy and you just might have the next crossover kung fu success. Just remember, don't put your gun too close to the screen, it's cheating.

"Super Mario Bros." The "Mario" series of games is the best there is at creating a sense of fun and adventure. So we in the moviegoing public should actually get a "Mario" movie that preserves that sense. Japanese animation master Hiyao Miyazaki might make a good choice to direct, particularly if he hearkens back to his earlier work.

"Pac-Man" While playing "Pac-Man," haven't you ever wondered just who that little guy is, and why he's eating so much? And what about those ghosts? A "Pac-Man" movie could potentially answer all those questions, and more. It could also be an exciting chase film, featuring one round man's quest to escape the ghosts of his past. Or it could be a Romanian New Wave-style static camera shot of one giant guy eating pizza after pizza. Either way, we're there.

"Red Steel" This game existed pretty much so Wii-owners could use their Wii-remotes as swords. It filled that purpose adequately, but it might make a pretty good action movie - the "sword and gun" combo in particular would be a good use of director John Woo's talents. They wouldn't even have to preserve the plot, becuase who remembers it? Just make sure you've got plenty of swordfights and gunplay.

"Viewtiful Joe" Superhero movies are huge now, and "Viewtiful Joe" is a video game about a guy who turns into his favorite movie superhero - see the possibilities here? Viewtiful Joe has plenty of cool, movie-ready villains to go up against, plus plenty of cool cinematic powers. Imagine seeing a guy who can slow down and speed up time on the big screen - this has the potential to be a great video game movie.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" Moviegoers are always craving fast action, so why not go to the original "fast" video game for inspiration? Sonic often zips across the screen so fast it's impossible to make out what he's doing or where he's headed, which makes him a perfect candidate to be the next Michael Bay character.