8 Things From ‘Star Wars’ More Unethical Than Han Shooting First

Monday, February 13 by

6. Mind Control for Petty Reasons

Here, Obi Wan uses mind control to get kids to stop smoking. Wow. I guess that getting them to clean their rooms or turn down that darn space rock-and-roll would have been gratuitous. Jesus, these Jedis sure do feel a lot of moral obligation to interlope in people’s lives. They’re smoking kids. Let them live their lives, Obi Wan. Not everyone wants to be some joyless Jedi.

5. Cheating

Shitty behavior all around in this instance. Qui Gon Jinn used telekinesis to will the chance cube to fall on blue, even though Watto had weighted the chance cube and painted five of the six sides red to ensure that the outcome was in his favor. Of course, no reasonable person would wager on a die pulled out from the pocket of a grifter, and the fact remains that two wrongs don’t make a right. Sure, Watto was cheating, but that doesn’t give the “good guys” the right to cheat as well.

To allow this would be to condone anarchy. Society needs rules to live by.

4. Letting Anakin Suffer After He’s Burned

“Oh, I would love to help you Anakin, but I’ve got this lunch thing I’ve gotta get to. I would stick around, but I’ve already cancelled on this guy twice, and it’s clear across the galaxy, so I have to get going.”

“Can you at least kill me? My arms and legs are burning off, and it’s very painful.”

“Ugh. I would love to, but I’m really jammed up here, because I parked like three blocks away, and I think I need to get gas.”

“Just stab me with light saber or drop a rock on my head. It will take two seconds.”

“You know…Jeez. I would love to help you out, but I’m gonna get going. Best of luck in your future endeavors.”

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