8 Things From ‘Star Wars’ More Unethical Than Han Shooting First

Monday, February 13 by
This is like our fifteenth article about Han shooting first in the past week. No mas.  

As George Lucas continues to, more than a decade after making the “fix,” dig himself a deeper hole through his insistence that Han Solo didn’t shoot first, he opens himself up to more and more scrutiny. He seems to obsess over taking the moral high road over shooting a skeezy bounty hunter, while far more serious trespasses take place over the six films.

So while he can continue to prattle on about Han shooting in self-defense, let’s look at nine other elephants in the room that demonstrate that these galaxies far, far away don’t adhere to the same strict moral code that we here in present day ‘merica do.

8. Using An Army Of Clones

How are the Jedi OK with this? Aside from the fact that no one really knew who made the clones, doesn’t Yoda have any qualms about the fact that these soldiers were raised in pods and have life outside of battle? It’s one thing to raise an army. It’s another to use a bunch of slaves you made in a test tube.

7. Animal Abuse

Killing a savage bounty hunter is totally verboten in Lucasland, but picking off womp rats is just innocent “boys will be boys” fun? That’s crap. Luke Skywalker‘s predilection towards killing animals should indicate that not only is he not fit to lead a rebellion, but probably shouldn’t be someone you’re hanging out with in any capacity. And let’s not forget Han Solo’s total disregard for the life of his poor Tauntaun.

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