8 Shocking Acts Of Animal Cruelty In Film Production

Wednesday, February 8 by

Electrocuting an Elephant

This documentary shows Thomas Edison’s execution of Coney Island elephant, Topsy. Obviously, not a GG Allin fan, Topsy killed her trainer after he cruelly fed her a lit cigarette butt. The filmmakers captured the elephant twitching in pain and her skin smoking before she fell over. Sadly, the film was a big hit in cinemas. Stupid Edison. Electricity is to be used for good, not evil.

Jesse James

This 1939 film finally got people riled up enough to do something about animal cruelty in film. A horse died after being forced to run off a cliff with a seventy-foot drop into a river. The outrage was large enough that it served as the catalyst for the American Humane Association, easily the kindest association known to man.

Ren & Stimpy

The classic skitch, “Fire Dogs” called for animal actor, Mr. Horse, to leap from a blazing inferno. Sadly, he broke his legs on impact with the hard concrete below. Miraculously, he survived and went on to act again. But, no sir, he didn’t like it.

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