College can be full of fun and frivolity, but there comes a time when you've got to put the party on hold and study. A little bit, anyway. Some folks have trouble with that, and they take the partying to the extreme. That provides pretty fertile ground for movie characters because who doesn't like to see a rowdy, boozed-up party animal on screen? And if wild parties aren't your bag, Hollywood has no shortage of weird, mean, and just plain bad college characters for you to enjoy. Listed below are the eight worst college students in movie history. These guys may be fun to watch, but you wouldn't want them as your roommate!

Bluto, "Animal House"

The original gangster of college partiers, John Belushi was awesome in his portrayal of Bluto. That might be due to the fact that Belushi wasn't really acting. He was just being himself, but that's not the point. The point is that the drunken destructive escapades of Bluto put him at the top of the list of the worst college students. The man had a 0.0 GPA. What more do you want?

Silas and Jamal, "How High"

We're pretty sure that smoking weed to conjure up the ghost of someone else is frowned upon by most universities. Sounds like grounds for academic fraud, right? And then digging up someone else to smoke his remains is probably another type of crime altogether. Grave-robbing is not standard curriculum for most college students.

Van Wilder, "Van Wilder"

A nearly decade-long stint in college without graduating automatically puts you on the list of the worst college students. Van spends his time drinking, womanizing, partying, and teaching foreign students how to please women. Van is loved by many, but if you met this guy in real life, you'd want to punch him.

Thornton Melon, "Back to School"

Rodney Dangerfield is not the ideal college student in this 1986 comedy. The legendary comedian holds raucous parties, interrupts his teachers, and even pays a well-known author to write a paper for him. While being filthy rich has its advantages, it apparently doesn't make you a good student.

Josh and Cooper, "Dead Man On Campus"

Trying to get your roommate to kill himself in order to pass for the semester ranks pretty high on the list of nefarious things you could do. It's not quite attempted murder, but it's in the ballpark. You definitely don't want to end up with roommates like these when you go to college.

Barry, "Road Trip"

Tom Green had a limited movie career, but he found time to play the super-weird Barry in "Road Trip". Like Van Wilder, Barry's on the 10-year plan for his undergrad degree, but Barry's got a creepy weirdness to him that's just...unsettling. Videotaping his own butt for no reason doesn't help things.

Rand McPherson, "PCU"

Smarmy Rand is played by David Spade, and this little worm is the kind of college student you'd just like to strangle. An over-privileged stuffed-shirt of a student, Rand and his other elites hate fun of any kind. If you do go to college with this type of kid, give him a smack upside the head just for being annoying.

Doug Neidermeyer, "Animal House"

Doug is like the perfect blend of the stuck-up wealthy kid and Hitler Youth. Doug and his fellow ROTC members torment the young members of Delta House just because they can. Well, and because they hate people who aren't super-wealthy grade-grubbers. Tattling on another frat by running to the dean is about as wormy as it gets. Doug is the worst of the worst.