Horrifying creatures aren't rare, especially in today's horror and scifi obsessed movie world. But a special rare breed of movie creatures are the most horrific, the scariest, the most terrifying, the grossest. These eight creatures are enough to give even Stan Winston nightmares (may he rest in peace).

The Creature from the Black Lagoon, "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"

The original creature-feature, "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" is one of the scariest monsters to ever terrorize a hapless blonde. The Gill-Man has this indefinable x-factor that still makes him scary after more than 50 years. His eyes bulge, and his grace under water is as beautiful as it is haunting. Also, he can slash you to ribbons if he's crossed.

The Tingler, "The Tingler"

Pay attention here because some science is about to be dropped: Whenever you get scared, a small and slimy creature wraps itself around your spinal cord and begins to tighten its grip until your spinal cord is shattered. The only way to release this tension and make the creature (called a "Tingler") disappear is to scream. This is the hard-science premise behind William Castle's "The Tingler," and the monster is surprisingly creepy-looking. Especially if you imagine it wrapped around your spine.

The Alien, "Alien"

The creature from "Alien" was designed to be a next-generation movie monster to top all monsters. This was achieved by hiring HR Giger to design the alien, giving him all kinds of creepily sexual characteristics. Pair the scary creature design with Ridley Scott's masterful way of hiding it in shadow, and making it evolve a little so it looks different each time it appears.

The Deadly Spawn, "The Deadly Spawn"

The ultra-low-budget "The Deadly Spawn" has a horrifying creature that belies the cheap cost at which it was produced. What starts as a tiny tadpole from a crashed space meteor ends up as a giant slimy alien with several gobbling mouths. Since this is an 80s horror film, the characters are slowly but steadily violently killed by the creature, until (spoilers for this, and while we're at it, "Super 8") the kid who's really into old monster movies saves the day.

The Eyeball Monster in "Big Trouble in Little China"


John Carpenter's adventure classic "Big Trouble in Little China" has more than one monster that could qualify for this list. But the most horrifying one is undoubtedly the one that villainous Lo Pan uses to spy on his victims, a floating, lumpy monster made completely out of eyeballs. From your nightmares to the screen, the John Carpenter promise.

The Game Pods, "eXistenZ"

Not all movie creatures have to have eyes or a mouth to be really disturbing. Take the game pods in David Cronenberg's "eXistenZ" which the characters plug into their "bioports" as a way to escape into virtual reality games. Unlike the video games of today, these game pods are completely organic lumps of quivering flesh. We'd keep going but there's nothing else that can be said that will make it any more horrifying.

The Host, "The Host"

If there is a people who are particularly adept at creating horrifying monsters, it would be the Koreans. Bong Joon-Ho proves this concept in his unique monster movie "The Host." Unlike in, say, "Alien" the monster is completely visible and in broad daylight, and the way it scampers about is truly scary and new to people used to slow-moving movie monsters.

Predator, "Predator"

Time now for a creature who's almost as scary in his behavior as in his freakish appearance. His purpose: Come to Earth to hunt humans. His freakish appearance: Indescribable, but he has dreadlocks. Unfortunately for him, he chooses none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, and several other mannish brutes. Still, he gives them a run for their money, partially due to his scary high-tech weapons.