The art of costume design in movies is often overshadowed by the other aspects of production, like acting, directing, lighting, sound effects, boom mic operating, and sometimes even screenwriting. But some movie costumes go above and beyond the line of duty and are even impressive enough to stick in the most fashion-ignorant moviegoer's memory. Here are eight of the most amazing movie costumes ever made.


The costume designers on "Robocop" had their work cut out for them on this one: Robocop as a character is pretty much all costume, save for a small space for Peter Weller's jaw. But they did a great job, making a costume that's part superhero, part robot, all cop. It's such an iconic costume design that it's come back in two sequels, a TV series, and at least one Korean chicken commercial.

Iron Man

In a kind of Hollywood robot cycle, the movie "Iron Man" featured a costume/battlesuit for the famous high-tech superhero, which was one of the original inspirations for Robocop. Iron Man is even more elaborate, though, with no human features at all, and a lot more shiny red and gold accouterments. CGI was used for some aspects of this costume, but the fact remains it's one of the most exciting movie costumes in quite a while.

Pizza the Hut

Here's a challenging visual for you: A huge outer space Mafia don made entirely out of gooey pizza. But the special effects wizards behind the Mel Brooks parody "Spaceballs" brought just that vision to life with a costume that's somehow both completely disgusting and yeah, a little bit appetizing. It's OK to admit that Pizza the Hut made you hungry, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Scarlett's drape dress "

Gone With The Wind" is a sumptuous period epic in the grand Hollywood tradition, so it stands to reason it would have some terrific costumes. The most famous of these is the gown that Scarlett has made from the drapes of her house, in a sign that while things might not be going so well for the O'Haras financially, Scarlett is still going to hang onto her dignity.

Darth Vader

Is there a more iconic movie costume? Inspired in equal measure by Marvel supervillain Dr. Doom and the black shiny boots and helmets of the Nazi party, Darth Vader has one of the coolest (and scariest) movie costumes ever. Just look at him, come on. He's one of the greatest movie villains of all time, with a costume to match. And what do those buttons on his chest even DO??


Tim Burton's job in the 1989 "Batman" film was simple, yet incredibly tough to pull off: Take Batman out of the campy 60s and make him someone audiences can take seriously. A huge part of this would obviously have to be the costume, and the solution ended up being a masterstroke: Get rid of those grey tights entirely, and make a cool batsuit out of body armor instead. The old Batman look gets a cool makeover while retaining the classic essentials of the character, and it doesn't get laughed off the screen. Win-win.

The Man With No Name


Not all amazing movie costumes are elaborate special effects or works of gownery. Sometimes the most memorable costumes are made from the simplest and least likely materials, such as Clint Eastwood's getup in the three "Man With No Name" spaghetti westerns from director Sergio Leone. A simple cowboy hat and a Mexican-style poncho is all Clint Eastwood needed to make an iconic movie cowboy.


Sam Raimi had a similar task with "Spider-Man" to what Tim Burton had to do with "Batman": Take a familiar superhero costume and make it "work" onscreen. It might seem easy, but it isn't - especially when you consider that for "Spider-Man" Raimi opted to go with a costume that's almost exactly like the one in the comics. The fact that it works is testament to both Raimi and the costume designers, who had to make the Spidey-suit seem "real." They succeeded completely, and launched one of the most successful recent film franchises in the process.