Some of the most popular movie plots include cheating spouses. Stars such as Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Diane Lane, and Nicole Kidman star in these types of movies. Additionally, movies about cheating spouses often feature hot nude women and sexy love scenes. Below are eight of the most adulterous cheating movie spouses ever.

Bill Pruitt, Hope Floats

Hope Floats is a feel-good romantic drama starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. The movie starts out when Birdee Pruitt (Bullock) gets dumped by her husband Bill on a national talk show. The slimy part is that her husband tricked her into thinking she was getting a make-over, then dumps her Jerry Springer-guest-style. But that's not all! The adulterous bastard reveals he is having an affair with her best friend. The only thing missing from the movie was the chants of "Jerry! Jerry!"

Suzanne Stone-Maretto, To Die For

Played by the lovely Nicole Kidman, Suzanne Stone is a crazy weather woman who convinces three teenagers to kill her husband. She ends up sleeping with one of the boys, and threatens to end the affair if he does not follow through with the murder. Since Kidman is smoking hot and he is a loser with a bad mullet, he complies.

Connie Sumner, Unfaithful

Even in her 40s, Diane Lane was one sexy woman! For proof, all one has to do is pop "Unfaithful" into the Blu-ray and watch her adulterous character flaunt her tight, naked ass and beautiful, bare breasts throughout the film while she porks a lucky Frenchman. Though it may appear they used a 20-something old body-double in some of her scenes, that was not the case. Her smoking hot body and numerous sex scenes make this film worth watching.....again.....and again.....and again.

Dr. Norman Spencer, What Lies Beneath

Harrison Ford plays the role of Dr. Norman Spencer, a murderous, adulterous, cheating husband to his lovely wife, Claire (Michelle Pfieffer). Dr. Spencer, a lecturer at a local college, had an affair with one of his students, later murdering her when she threatened to expose their adulterous romp to the dean. To make a long movie short, Claire confronts her cheating husband, who in turn tries to kill her, Claire escapes, cheating husband tries to kill Claire again, Claire is saved by her husband's mistresses' ghost. Sadly there wasn't a lesbian human/ghost sex scene.

Carolyn Burnham, American Beauty

This is Kevin Spacey at his best. Spacey plays Lester Burnham, an office worker who goes through a mid-life crisis. Spacey quits his job, starts smoking dope, takes a job at McDonalds, and lusts after his daughter's best friend. Meanwhile, Carolyn, his materialistic real estate agent wife begins an affair with one of her rivals. Lester finally gets a chance to bang his daughter's hot friend, only to turn down the opportunity when he finds out she's a virgin. Moments later he gets shot in the head by his neighbor. This proves you only get one chance to bang a hot virgin.

Dan Gallagher, Fatal Attraction

Michael Douglas plays Dan Gallagher, a successful attorney in this 1987 thriller. One afternoon while his family is out of town, Gallagher decides he cannot keep it in his pants and has a fling with Alexandra Forrest, played by Glenn Close. Come to find out Forrest is a nut case as she stalks Gallagher throughout the movie, even going as far as boiling the family rabbit. Again, no lesbian sex.

Marine Soldier's Wife, Jarhead

(Sorry, we could only find an Italian-dubbed version of this scene. But you get the idea.)
"Jarhead" is a 2005 action movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is about a young marine's life as a sniper and his deployment to the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Shield. However, one of the soldiers is sent a video tape of his wife cheating on him during his deployment, easily making her one of the most adulterous, cheating movie spouses ever.

Dr. Catherine Stewart, Chloe

Finally! A movie about cheating spouses that involves a lesbian sex scene, and a hot, sexy one at that. Chloe is a prostitute hired by Dr. Catherine Stewart to test her husband's loyalty. Instead, Chloe and Dr. Stewart end up having a steamy lesbian affair. Much to our pleasure, both women are extremely hot!