Don’t have anything to do and there are no sports games on tv? Have a guys' night! Get some friends, junk food, and any one of these amazing heist movies. Let the inner criminal in you root for the thieves, or let the detective in you try to figure out the robbers’ next move!

"Bonnie and Clyde"

Set in the great depression, "Bonnie and Clyde" follows what is a love story as well as one of the most outrageous crime sprees in American history. Bonnie is a beautiful small town girl bored with her life. She craves excitement, which is perfect because that’s what she feels when she meets a drifter, Clyde. They fall in love, run away together and end up going on a crazy killing and bank robbing escapade lasting ten years.



Back together for the first time since "The Godfather Part 2," Robert De Niro and Al Pacino come back with a mega hit in 1995. De Niro is a professional bank robber pursued by a LAPD veteran homicide detective played by Pacino. "Heat" is jam packed with exciting bank robbing scenes, get away scenes, and crime inspiring dialogue.

"Inside Man"

"Inside Man" follows a bank robbery in one of New York’s largest banks simultaneously showing the questioning of the hostages afterwards. The leader of the heist, played by Clive Owen, makes all of the hostages dress up like robbers so it is unclear which is a hostage and which is a robber. "Inside Man" is full of unpredictable twists which will pull you in closer at every turn.

"Panic Room"

"Panic Room" is unlike any other heist movie out there. Instead of being based in a bank, mall, or store, it is an epic heist set in a New York townhouse. A mother and daughter have just moved into their new New York home. On the first night there their house is broken into by thieves. They run into the panic room of the house, unaware that the only thing the robbers want is in the panic room. Trapped inside, they face many hurdles to stay alive and safe. Of course teh appearce of a pre "Twilight" Kristen Stewart only helps the film.


"Point Break"

Set in Southern California; "Point Break" follows a group of surfers that have pulled off many bank robberies, leaving the authorities dumbfounded. FBI agent Johnny Utah, played by Keanu Reeves has the suspicion that a certain group of surfers are responsible for the robberies; so he goes undercover as a surfer himself to find the truth.


"Ocean's 11 Trilogy"

The Ocean's movies are three of the most famous heist movies of all time. In the first movie, the fresh out of jail Danny Ocean plans to win back his ex with a huge heist on a casino. The second movie follows Ocean's gang to Europe for heists to pay back a casino tycoon. In the third movie they head to another casino owned by Al Pacino to get back at him for almost killing one of the Ocean’s crew.


"The Italian Job"

"The Italian Job" is a remake of the original movie from 1969. Six robbers plan to steal a vault containing 35 million dollars worth of gold. John Bridger tells his daughter Stella (Charlize Theron) that this is his last heist ever. On their way back after successfully stealing the gold, they are betrayed by one of their own, Steve. Steve kills Bridger and makes away with the gold. The movie becomes more about tracking down Steve for revenge than finding the gold.

"Dog Day Afternoon"

"Dog Day Afternoon" is based on the actual heist that took place in 1972 in New York City. Sonny Wortzik, portrayed by Al Pacino, is a former bank teller. He plans to rob a bank with two of his friends. One gets cold feet after he sees a police car nearby, so Sonny and his friend go in alone. Their attempt at robbing the bank fails as there is no money. It is a wake-up call for all of us who get too excited watching movies like "Inside Man" and "Oceans 11".