8 Of The Coolest Characters In TV And Film

Tuesday, December 27 by Joseph Gibson


“Cool” can be a difficult concept to define. Your perception of what’s cool is probably different from your neighbor’s, or your brother’s, or some guy who waxes his mustache. Luckily we have a pretty concrete standard-bearer when it comes to cool: TV and movies. Here are eight of the coolest characters to come from those media, and almost anybody can agree that these people are cool.

Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton.jpg

He played essentially the same character in all of his silent comedies, and one of his defining characteristics his staying cool under pressure. Whether he’s getting rejected by his dream girl or plunging down a dangerous waterfall, his famous “Stone Face” remains intact.

Jim Stark, “Rebel Without A Cause

Jim Stark james dean.jpg

The leather jacket. The drag racing. The knife-fighting. Shouting at your parents. So many of what people think of as “cool” was perfected by James Dean in “Rebel Without A Cause,” a 1950s melodrama about rampant teen coolness at the time. The red leather jacket and white t-shirt are probably what stuck out the most, but pretty much everything James Dean is cool, so why split hairs?

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