8 New Year’s Eve Films That Are As Hit-Or-Miss As The Night Itself

Thursday, December 29 by

Forrest Gump

This New Year’s Eve might be the most depressing one on the list, as the characters ring in 1971. Lt. Dan is rolling around drunk with long hair and hookers, wallowing in self-pity until Forrest gets him to commit to being his first mate on the Bubba Gump shrimp boat. Without revisiting, the only thing I really remember is that the bar that Lt. Dan was in was VERY similar to the strip club in Always Sunny that Born on the 4th of July Charlie was in “Charlie Gets Crippled.”

Though not depicted, we can safely assume that Jenny was elsewhere being a huge whore this same night.

About A Boy

Despite it being one of my favorite films, and its presence on many other sites’ lists of NYE movies, I didn’t find the December 31st scene in this film to be all that memorable. Looking back on the scene, I find it to be important in that New Years Eve is the only holiday in which kissing someone is built into the festivities, and when single, we all hope to find a spark with someone as hot and interesting as Rachel Weisz’s character.

Boogie Nights

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