8 New Year’s Eve Films That Are As Hit-Or-Miss As The Night Itself

Thursday, December 29 by

Strange Days

Strange Days was written by a fellow named Jay Cocks. It is also a cyberpunk (God, the 90’s were stupid) film about the last night of 1999 in Los Angeles, a city now devastated by crime and poverty. Basically, a bunch of needlessly complex and not at all realistic technobabble takes place, and at the end of it all, two cyberpunks (ugh) named Lenny and Mace share a kiss as the stroke of midnight.

If you haven’t seen this film (and most probably haven’t), it’s worth checking out, not just because it’s a solid film, but because even solid films in the 90’s were comically bad at predicting what technology would herald just a few years later.

200 Cigarettes

You know those trite ensemble films that follow the lives of a bunch of disparate people over the course of a night, then reveal how they’re all intertwined? Well, Jim Jarmusch managed to incorporate that narrative into this film about five minutes before everyone else did, allowing this film to be dubbed “original” while films like Go where criticized as being derivative.

The film features both Afflecks, Janeane Garofalo, Dave Chappelle, Courtney Love (?), Paul Rudd, and a smattering of other 90’s-tastic stars as they negotiate New York City in 1981. It’s also got Jay Mohr, which means it was definitely made in the 90’s.


You know what the worst way to spend New Years Eve is? That’s right. By watching this shitty movie. A close second would be enduring what these characters had to – an excruciating and foreseeable death resulting from a tidal wave that capsizes a very, very, very large cruise ship.

Cruises are the worst, if only because they cause people to make movies like Poseidon.

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