8 New Year’s Eve Films That Are As Hit-Or-Miss As The Night Itself

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Even though we aren't discussing this film, I can't stop giggling at how ridiculous this image is.  

New Year’s Eve is traditionally one of the most disappointing nights of the year. Every restaurant offers an overpriced, overproduced prie fixe menu that means you’ll be dining at either 6:30, 8:30, or 10:30. If you don’t have a decent house party to go to, you’ll overpay to go to some bar or club filled with amateurs. And in forcing yourself to have a good time, you’ll drink too much and fight with someone, probably your girlfriend, but possibly just some pizza guy on the phone because it’s 4 AM and you still haven’t gotten your food.

That’s how mine have gone. Your experiences may vary.

However, amid all the disappointing New Year’s Eve celebrations, there are a few gems. Similarly, this list is populated by several overhyped empty films, but peppered with a few memorable ones, as well.

So chill the champagne and tell the sitter you’ll be home by one, even though you have no intention of being back before 3 AM, because the new year is upon us.

The Godfather Part II

Say what you want about Batista, but the man can throw one hell of a New Year’s eve bash. There’s nothing that this party doesn’t have, including the Sicilian kiss of death from Michael Corleone to his brother Fredo after learning that Fredo betrayed the family. Batista announces that he is stepping down after rebels gain power, the party dissolves and everyone goes batshit crazy celebrating and rioting in the streets as the tides turn.

Much more interesting than watching the ball drop with either Ryan Seacrest or Dick Clark.

Trading Places

On this New Year’s Eve (possibly New Year’s Day), a man dressed in a gorilla suit got raped by an actual gorilla. There are some other occurrences germane to the plot, but the real takeaway here is that a man got raped by a gorilla.

Do you like this story?

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