8 Movies-Within-Movies That Should Be Made

Tuesday, October 25 by

Fat Bitch30 Rock

Of all the Tracy Jordan throwaway projects, this is the one I’d most like to see come to life. It appears to be in the vein of so many family-friendly anthropomorphized-animal films, but if the title’s to be believed, this one might come in a little more crass than the others.

This movie has something for everyone: 1)A sassy protagonist, 2) that’s also a dog, 3) that dies at the end. Sure, the ending paints you into a corner, but it’s no wonder Don Geiss wanted to repeat this formula with a sequel. Fat Bitch Takes Manhattan? Son of Fat Bitch? These projects practically develop themselves.

The best part is, Fat Bitch actually looks like Tracy Jordan. Crazy!

Asses of Fire (The Terence and Phillip Movie) – South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Any movie that gets us in a war with Canada is one that I would like to see made. It would be among the most base films ever to hit theaters with the incessant farting and the catchy-but-still-reprehensible “Uncle F#cker,” but that makes it all the more intriguing – the duality of it all.

South Park was among the first animated films to appeal to an adult audience, and I think that Asses of Fire would take things a step further by appealing to little kids who enjoy farts, and older audiences who have, at one time or another, enjoyed or at least thought about, f#cking their uncle.

Once again, something for everyone.

Brock Landers: Angels Live in My TownBoogie Nights

I came for the action, but stayed for that snazzy soundtrack. Brock Landers (Dirk Diggler) and his fearless sidekick Chest Rockwell (Reed Rothchild) are skillfully directed by the deft Jack Horner in this action cop film with just a touch of the erotic. I also love how it seems like 60% of the film takes place on rooftops, which gives everything an added element of danger.

My biggest complaint of recent action movies is that the audience never gets a chance to see the star’s huge cock, which I think Angels Live in My Town would surely address.

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