8 Movies-Within-Movies That Should Be Made

Tuesday, October 25 by
I went with this image after I went into a Google image search for "Fat Bitch" unprepared.  

Why is it that some of Hollywood’s most interesting projects only exist in the universe of another film. The film-within-a-film conceit is generally adopted for a simple throwaway joke that will elicit a giggle and be forgotten. But sometimes the concept to be discarded is clever enough or developed enough that it rivals much of what the industry is cranking out in earnest.

And that’s why films like Simple Jack, Fat Bitch, and Asses of Fire have to be developed as soon as possible. For the art of it all.

Nation’s PrideInglorious Basterds

Here we see Ben Stiller’s character coming dangerously close to going “full retard” with Simple Jack, a film about a developmentally disabled man-child who works on a farm and talks to animals. My guess is that if this movie were to be released in the next couple months, it would get a nod for Best Picture, especially in light of the expanded field.

And the posters would use a still of Simple Jack looking up towards the sky, blowing a dandelion, like retarded people so often do.

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