8 Movies And TV Shows That Couldn’t Exist Without Cell Phone Technology

Wednesday, March 7 by

Die Hard 3

Any movie structured as a city wide scavenger hunt becomes very different without mobile communication. In many instances in Die Hard 3, they are actually summoned to ringing pay phones, which is a really quaint notion, nowadays. However, even if McClaine and Zeke were limited to cell phones, Jeremy Iron’s bad guy would look pretty ridiculous if he had to bounce from pay phone to pay phone to make the call.

Jeremy Irons: “Oh! A pay phone. Pull over. It’s almost time to harass these two arbitrary guys some more! Oh, man. Someone’s using it! And it looks like they’ll be there for a while. Darn.”


Don’t really want to get into spoiler territory here, but Ryan Reynolds gets buried with a cell phone to try to save his own life. If he doesn’t have that Blackberry, the movie pretty much ends right there, which wouldn’t have been so bad, actually.


While the cell phone use seemed incidental, without the communication between Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper, this movie just isn’t the same. Because if you’ve ever tried to talk to someone going 60 MPH on a bus, and neither of you have cell phones, it’s REALLY hard. Like impossible.

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