8 Movies And TV Shows That Couldn’t Exist Without Cell Phone Technology

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No slight against Jack Bauer, but he would be a horribly ineffective CTU agent if he wasn’t able to get ridiculously detailed building schematics sent to him in a matter of minutes. Even presupposing that technology exists, the liberties they take with battery life are pretty absurd. Unless Jack Bauer has bandoleers strapped with cell phone batteries, he’s going to break down and cry after he gets his first “low battery” beep.

This show should have been subtitled “A Cell Phone Extravagana,” because no other work comes close to leaning this hard on cell phones.

Phone Booth

Speaking of Kiefer Sutherland characters, Phone Booth is a film that just couldn’t take place without mobile phones. It’s fitting that the douchey agent’s troubles come at the hands of his cell phone, since they seem to live and die by the sonsabitches.

Here, an unknown (ok, Kiefer Sutherland) antagonist treats Colin Farrell’s character like a marionette, manipulating him under the auspices of having guns trained on him at all times.

It’s not a “good” movie, but it fits the criteria for this list.

Full disclosure: There’s a whole grip of films that are somehow worse than Phone Booth like Cellular, One Missed Call, Swimfan, and many others that I’m just going to put in here so that I can prove I didn’t forget about them but avoid giving them their own stupid paragraph.

The Departed

Without that nifty no-look texting and the ability to slide cell phones to arrested mobsters, the value of Matt Damon as a mole inside the police force falls to virtually zero.

Sure, it’s a pretty conventional story of double-agents, but the spread of information is so up-to-the-minute that without cell phone technology, these guys wouldn’t be worth the investment.

In fact, without cell phones, Jack Nicholson’s men get arrested in just about every scenario in the movie.

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