It is easy to think all teachers are inspired educators who are dedicated to bettering the lives of each of their students after watching a few movies about teachers. Then reality hits when you go to class and find yourself enduring another boring lecture or another uninspired reading from an outdated textbook. There's a good chance that the dropout rate for high school and college would be reduced dramatically if the teachers and professors were all a little cooler in the classroom. Students looking to reshape their teachers with a new cool attitude can draw on these eight educators from the movies for inspiration:

Indiana Jones (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”):

No professor can lay claim to leading as exciting of a life outside their classroom. Dr. Jones goes on one globetrotting adventure after another to recover historical artifacts, all while dispatching legions of Nazis and other bad guys. He also has beautiful women flocking to him in the classroom and in the field. It is sure to make any other professor of archeology a tad jealous.

John Keating (“Dead Poets Society”):

Keating brings life into an English class and takes some starch out of the shirts of his prep school students. They tear pages from textbooks, stand on desks and give rousing recitals of classic literature. Robin Williams can be beyond irritating much of the time, but he really shines as the prototypical motivational teacher.

Jaime Escalante (“Stand and Deliver”):

Escalante did the impossible. He took a bunch of inner-city Los Angeles kids and made them math geniuses. Escalante helps his students win calculus competitions against schools with more money and more resources – giving hope to underfunded underdogs everywhere.

Herman Boone (“Remember the Titans”):

When he becomes the head football coach at a newly integrated high school, Boone is given the impossible task of coaching his team to an undefeated season or risk losing his job. He responds by molding together a team of black and white players into a tight knit group and coaching them to an unlikely state championship. How's that for assuring job security?

Glen Holland (“Mr. Holland's Opus):

Holland originally takes a job as a music teacher to pay the bills while works on composing music. It turns into his passion as he helps students over a 30 year period cultivate a love of music. His reward is seeing music department funding cut and being forced into retirement. That's not going to strike a chord with any music lover.

Professor X (“X-Men):

Charles Xavier gets high marks for founding his own boarding school for mutants. It allowed them to get an education, make friends, hone their powers and save the world without worrying about being around intolerant family, friends and neighbors back home. There is a little issue with mind control with Xavier though.

Freddy Shoop (“Summer School”):

Shoop is a high school gym teacher who is forced to teach remedial English over the summer. He makes some sweet bargains with his students to get them to pass their final exam. What other teacher would host a screening of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or let students host a party in their house?

Louanne Johnson (“Dangerous Minds”):

Johnson matches wits and toughness with the lowlife thugs that populate her class. The ex-Marine asserts her authority with a nice karate exhibition and shows tough love to get her students to actually care about being in the classroom. Then again, it's not that hard to pay attention to a teacher that is as easy on the eyes as Michelle Pfeiffer.