Taste the coppery tang of blood as you join these 8 movie hunters that live for the rush of the kill. Enjoy action that doesn’t end in a court date but in buckets of blood. Satiate your lust for the red meat of vengeance while drop kicking that salad of compassion into Canada.

Charles Remington, "The Ghost and the Darkness" Human is on the menu for two lions in Africa. Remington is hired to kill this furry duo and stop them from making Lunchables out of the railroad workers. The decoy hospital scene is a nice, tense series of moments that makes you grateful for outpatient treatment. In the end, Remington gets to meet his maker, but he went out as a movie hunter that lived for the thrill of the kill.

Hans, "Trollhunter" He might be tired of the secrecy behind his profession, but Hans still lives for the thrill of the kill as he patrols Norway for rogue trolls. Hunting down trolls is a dangerous, lonely and incredibly smelly task, but Hans has the talent and the olfactory fatigue to pull it off. Hans shows his skill in the funny and cringe-worthy scene where he has to get a blood sample from a Ringlefinch troll while on a bridge.

The Predator, "Predator" Not big on personality or looks, the Predator lives for killing and the sweet, sweet gadgetry his race has created. The Predator’s predilection for hunting prey that loved using one-liners ended up being the death of him, but at least he got a few kills in to make mommy and daddy proud. The good old days when aliens didn’t need monologues get relived each time you watch.

Gabriel Van Helsing, "Van Helsing" Not many with the name Van Helsing end up as dentists or postal workers; instead, they go into the monster hunting business. Destined for the love of the supernatural kill, Van Helsing sends evil packing back to hell. The carriage escape features a great use of explosives. Ignore the goofy gadgetry and you get a fun little monster movie.

The Bride, "Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2" There are bad weddings and weddings that end in body counts with a reception party catered by revenge like The Bride serves up. She isn’t a hunter that lives to see her former colleagues behind bars but rather see them slowly and painfully killed off. The battle between the Crazy 88s and The Bride is a scene filled with beautiful mayhem and violence.

Soo-hyun, "I Saw the Devil" An arrogant and cruel serial killer ends Soo-hyun’s wife’s life and he takes up the hunt for the murderer Kyung-chul. Once he finds the killer he plays catch and release a few times as they head down the path to a final confrontation. Each time Soo-hyun finds Kyung-chul, he becomes more brutal in his retaliation, marking him as a hunter that lives for the rush of the kill. The reunion of Kyung-chul and another serial killer is an ingeniously disturbing scene worth paying attention to.

Joong-Ho, "The Chaser" If you’re into rap, you already know that it’s pretty difficult out there for a pimp. The troubles are even worse for Joong-Ho as his prostitutes are disappearing one by one, which doesn’t help with the cash flow. After a series of missteps, Joong-Ho starts hunting down the man responsible for his troubles. The rush of the oncoming kill in Joong-Ho’s eyes radiates off the screen as he grips the hammer that will finish what his hunt has begun. Watch the pimp’s humanity return at the hospital as he finds a reason to be a better man.

The whole Ewok crew, "Return of the Jedi" Teddy bears were pretty innocuous until Teddy Ruxpin showed up and every little kid started fearing intelligent, talking stuffed animals. Taking the Ruxpin effect to the natural conclusion—not content with just one Ewok—this film gives you a whole moon full of fuzzy, stone cold hunters. One look in their dead, Winnie the Poohesque eyes and you know these are hunters that only feel normal covered in blood.