8 Movie Wardrobes That Should Be Spun Off Into Fashion Lines

Wednesday, November 2 by

Shawshank Redemption Canadian Tuxedoes (by Jay Leno)

Sometimes, you want to appear “presentable” with the bare minimum of effort required. Enter the world of denim on denim. From a practical standpoint, it’s not QUITE as mindless as a coverall or jumper (see first entry), but it’s got just enough “oomph” that people will think you’re only a horrible dresser, not flat-out disrespectful.

Look like Red, Andy, or go with the Boggs edition which has a little blood on the crotch. Either way, you’ll be looking so good, everyone in attendance will go, “Oh. He’s here.”

The Bondage Collection by 300


When shopping for sexy, rugged bondage gear, you have to go with what you trust, and 300 is a name you can get behind, with an assortment of leather shorts, masks, and furry hoods. The 300 line will do to your sex life what Spartans did to the Persians. So strap in and find someone to be your Xerxes tonight.

Die Hard Presents Hans Gruber Executive Apparel

Don’t get caught looking like anything less than the ruthless businessman you are! Whether you’re drilling into a safe for bearer bonds or simply plummeting to your death, you can combine elegance and violence in a way that will leave your victims and employees alike remembering you for years.

The tie says, “Let’s do lunch,” but the peaked lapels say, “Unless I shoot you in the head first.”

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