8 Movie Wardrobes That Should Be Spun Off Into Fashion Lines

Wednesday, November 2 by
It's high time you started dressing like a fictional rape victim. 

It was announced recently that Swedish clothing retailer H&M will be launching a 30-item line of clothing inspired by Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the popular book and upcoming film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s not up for debate that this is a very cheesy concept. Lisbeth Salander is sexy because she doesn’t give a shit that she looks like a piece of roadkill. People shop at H&M with the expressed purpose of NOT looking like roadkill (with varying results). So the whole concept seems disingenuous and a little lame.

However, there are fashions from film that we would very much like to be peddled directly into our lives, be it cause they are funny, fashionable, or just because, if only for a few hours, we would like to dress like Michael Cera.

Bottle Rocket-Inspired Custodial Workwear

Sure, janitorial coveralls aren’t meant to differentiate, but why aren’t they? Just because one is cleaning or painting for most of the day doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel fashionable (I’m guessing. Maybe they don’t)! So let them look like characters in everyone’s favorite Wes Anderson movie that isn’t Tenenbaums, Rushmore, or Steve ZissouBottle Rocket.

While you’re cleaning the windows on the 25th floor of a skyscraper, imagine the happiness you’ll realize when an occupant of the building holds up a paper sign that reads:


The Reservoir Dogs Collection

When you’re stepping into an interview, you want to appear tough and motivated. And who appears more tough and motivated than the gang from Reservoir Dogs? That’s right. No one.

The next time you’re sitting down trying to sell someone on yourself, wouldn’t you prefer to be channeling the spirit’s of Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Black, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, and Mr. Blue, so that you can project an air of “If you don’t hire me, I swear on my mother’s life that I will cut your ear off, douse you in gasoline, and set you on fire.”

With that air of confidence, you’ll be sure to score the kindergarten teaching position!

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