Dragons are awesome. It's a fact. Vampires may dominate the movies right now, but dragons look much more spectacular on a 40-foot screen. Searing dragon fire and beasts snapping knights in half like fat kids eating Twinkies is always more enjoyable than twinkling and moping. Dragons own pretty much anything they want, and the skies are no exception, so take a look at these awesome wyrms who scorched the skies and the celluloid!

Saphira, "Eragon" (2006)

"Eragon" is the story of a young farmhand who discovers a dragon egg, watches it hatch, and then raises a dragon he learns to ride. The story was written by a teenager and is tame by comparison to many dragon tales, but when she was in the air, Saphira knew how to own the skies. The thrilling scenes involving dragon-riding are the real highlights of the film. The campy acting, not so much.

Dragon, "Shrek" (2001)

"Shrek" lovers have come to know the kindler, gentler side of Dragon, but when she first appears she is anything but gentle. She tears through her own castle, destroying everything that gets in her way to try and score some ogre kibble. If it wasn't for Shrek's ingenuity, this movie dragon would have gotten it. Clever ogres for the win!

Toothless, "How to Train Your Dragon" (2003)

Toothless is a quick-as-lightning Night Fury with a destiny to destroy the prejudice that exists between dragons and vikings. Although there's a giant dragon out there that thinks he's in charge, Toothless is the movie dragon who owns the skies in this flick. Plus, Toothless is pretty damn adorable, when you think about it. Noble missions aside, you can't help but love this dragon

Smaug, "The Hobbit" (1977)

For fans who were introduced to J.R.R. Tolkein's Middle Earth chronologically, Smaug was the beast toward the end of the book. He owned a mountain and controlled everything he flew over. Fortunately for the local townfolk, a little birdy told a bard about his soft spot and an arrow took the dragon down. Look for Smaug to be a big part of the upcoming "Hobbit" flick from Peter Jackson and company.

Female Dragons, "Reign of Fire" (2002)

Although "Reign of Fire" wasn't really a critical or popular hit, most people agree that the dragons were pretty amazing. Picking one out of the bunch is nearly impossible, since they act like a swarm. It would be like choosing one bee out of a hive to be your favorite. When it comes to movie dragons that own the sky, these ladies take it literally.

Quetzalcoatl, "Q The Winged Serpent" (1982)

This monster/horror flick is often put in the same genre as films like "Godzilla" and "Mothra," but those films don't have what this one has: a dragon that snatches people out of the streets of New York and munches on them like they came out of a hot dog cart. The film might be a bit campy, but that doesn't prevent Quetzalcoatl from legitimately owning the sky.

Buraki, "Dragon Wars" (2007)

Some argue that the dragons in this flick don't look like dragons, but there's a sample explanation for that. Most people imagine Western dragons, not the Imugi that are famous in Korean lore and dominate this Korean flick. One of the most well-known Korean flicks in the US, its success is due largely to Buraki, the badass evil dragon that tries to take over the world.

Vermithrax Pejorative, "Dragonslayer" (1981)

Vermithrax Pejorative is the pinnacle of movie dragons. He's also the pinnacle of dragons that eats virgins and makes fantasy fanboys wet themselves regularly. "Dragonslayer" is over thirty years old, and it is still the mark to beat in dragon movies, as well as one of the best fantasy films ever made.