Who doesn't love it when there's someone in their kitchen cooking for them? We know we sure do! But we also know cooking is not that easy; it's an art. These amazing actors and actresses give a convincing portrayal of being a chef, and good ones at that! Take a look at our 8 favorite movie chefs who cooked up masterpieces--with food and their acting!

Adrian Grienier in "The Devil Wears Prada"

Adrian Grenier plays Nate in the famous "The Devil Wear Prada" 2007 movie. Nate is Anne Hathaway's boyfriend in the film. He is also an aspiring chef, cooking in the most posh restaurants in New York City. He's made us drool over the grilled cheese sandwiches he makes Hathaway more than a few times.

Sarah Michelle Geller in "Simply Irresistible"

Sarah Michelle Geller plays Amanda in romantic comedy "Simply Irresistible". She pours her heart into her work day in and day out, but there is just always something off about her food. Until one magic crab at the supermarket changes everything and her feelings are transferred to the eater through the food she cooks. The movie full of food and laughs!

3. Meryl Streep in "Julie and Julia"

Meryl Streep perfectly inhabits every role she takes on, so why would Julia Child be any different? She practices cutting onions until she cries, makes dishes again and again until they're perfect and never gives up! During all the cooking she does in her kitchen she's always loud and hyper making us laugh and smile at her antics. The passion for cooking radiates from her.

Catherine Zeta Jones in "No Reservations"

Catherine Zata Jones plays Kate, a food obsessed, perfectionist, workaholic. She has a way with her food and can't stand any criticism. She once went out to into the restaurant with a raw steak when a customer complained his steak was too rare. Even though she gets punished for her bad temper at times, her amazing food always let her come out on top, victorious.

Queen Latifah in "The Last Holiday"

Queen Latifah starts out as shy cook Georgia, afraid to try new things and experiment. After she finds out she is terminally ill she stops putting things on hold and becomes adventurous. She explores new food possibilities and makes amazing gourmet dishes, like roasted quail and duck on toast. She becomes so successful and renowned that her recipes are picked up by the Food Network.

Keri Russell in "Waitress"

Keri Russell is one of our favorite movie chefs that can cook and act. She's a waitress cum cook in a small cafe in a very small town. She pours her feelings into her food, especially pies. You can find some of her life stories in her mouth-watering pies, like her "I Hate My Husband Pie" and "Bad Baby Pie". They're not just cleverly named, but she makes them with rich ingredients, showing each and every step!

Juliette Binoch in "Chocolat"

Juliette Binoch is probably one of the most famous movie chefs of all time. After moving to a small village in France Juliette sets up a small pattisserie. Watching her make her chocolate is enchanting--especially when the smooth creamy milk chocolate being molded into shapes. But her chocolate is also special. It makes the uptight townspeople become light, lively and loving.

Adam Sandler in "Spanglish"


Adam Sandler is another of the best movie chefs who could cook and act. He plays a chef, who instead of dealing with his family problems hides away in his restaurant and work. His most famous dish in the movie that we see him make for himself is his bacon, cheese, egg, lettuce and country loaf sandwich.