8 Movie And TV Characters Who, Like Chris Brown, Don’t Deserve A Second Chance

Monday, January 23 by

Worm – Rounders

Worm was a badass, streetwise hustler who had a real knack for screwing over his friend Mike McDermott. Even though he didn’t ask Mike to assume his debt, Worm asked him for money, which is what initially got his friend wrapped up in gambling fiasco. The scene in the basketball gym where Mike finds Worm hiding out is telling as to how one-sided this relationship is.

In case you’re wondering what the final straw would be, it’s Worm planting himself in the game against the sheriffs because he’s bored. They get their asses kicked and wiped out. Nice friend.

David McCall – Fear

About the only courteous thing that David ever did for Nicole and her family was finger her on a rollercoaster. Other than that, he framed the dad for beating him, cheated on her, cut off their dog’s head, then killed the people trying to protect them. Granted, those last things all happened in pretty quick succession, so this may be even more of “never deserved a first chance” instance than anything else, but she should have shut things down after David beat the hell out of her friend Gary.

When your friend Gary gets beaten by your boyfriend, that’s when it’s time to kill the relationship.

Jenny – Forrest Gump

Put it on my grave that I never assembled an inventory of bad movie characters without giving a tip of the hat to Jenny, perhaps the most toxic entry on this list. Jenny used a retarded boy for sex, protection, and self-esteem, and, because Forrest was retarded (or in love), he kept coming back. She never really grew up, even saddling him with a kid right before dying of AIDS because she was savagely promiscuous her whole life.

Forrest should have shown her the door when he met her hippie BF, then again on that New Year’s night. By the time she checked out for good, she had dumped their secret kid on him, which pretty much means you’re pot committed at this point.

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