8 Movie Alcoholics Who Need A Sponsor

Monday, January 2 by Joseph Gibson

nick cage drinking straight out of the bottle.jpg

Alcoholism is no laughing matter. It can destroy lives, both the lives of the person addicted to that demon drink and everyone around him or her. But, in the interest of levity, let’s take a look at some movie alcoholics instead, shall we? They range from funny and amusing drunks to depressing addicts, but they all have one thing in common: Unlike your drunk uncle, you can shut them off with your remote control whenever you want.

Egbert Sousè, “The Bank Dick”

Egbert Sousè.jpg

Pretty much any character WC Fields ever played would be right at home in a group of movie alcoholics. But since “The Bank Dick” is arguably his best movie, why not give him the top spot? He’s a classic Fields drinker, and the drunken misadventures he gets into involves everything from bank robbery to filmmaking. He doesn’t just need a sponsor, he needs an entire team of scientists and doctors.

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