8 Minor Arrested Development Characters We Want In Season 4

Friday, April 20 by

It’s not news that Arrested Development is coming back via Netflix. What is news is that the episodes will all be released at once, turning that day into a de facto holiday for much of generations X and Y, and possibly even millenials, though I have no idea what that phrase means.

Along with the news of the 10-episode comedy atom bomb, we learned from no less than show creator Mitch Hurwitz that Scott Baio’s Bob Loblaw will be returning as well. Of course, it’s biologically impossible to not enjoy the name Bob Loblaw (He lobs law bombs!), but the character didn’t do much for me, as rejecting Lindsay’s advances had become old hat by the time he appeared on the show.

However, there is no shortage of characters that I do feel passionate about, and who should find their way onto the show post-haste. Here are eight such characters.

Feel free to use the comments to remind me that I’m an idiot for not including your favorite character. Someone needs to wipe this shit-eating grin off my face.

Wayne Jarvis

Professionalism is the name of the game with Mr. Jarvis. He does not find the buffoonery of Cirque de Soleil amusing, so it should come as no surprise that he’s also not thrilled with Lindsay and Michael’s brand of buffoonery in getting back at Lucille.

He plays comically over-the-top foil for the Bluth family, constantly shaking his head in disapproval at the unprofessional antics of the family.

Best line (so far): I shall hide behind the couch.

Gene Parmesan

Gene Parmesan, “master of disguise,” doesn’t really seem to be impressing anyone but Lucille Bluth, which leads my filthy mind to think that they have some sort of relationship that wasn’t explored in the first run. While he does manage to surprise Lucille, I think she’s a pretty forgiving audience, as he generally seems to just drape himself in an outfit and mumble.

Wayne Jarvis would not be impressed with Mr. Parmesan’s level of professionalism, especially in light of Parmesan’s constant need to be paid in full, up front.

Best line (so far): I’m sorry. I feel like such an (bleep).

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