8 ‘Live Reads’ Jason Reitman Should Stage

Thursday, May 3 by

The Cable Guy

Steven: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The Cable Guy: Jason Segel
Robin: Jane Levy

Not a classic in the classic sense of the word, but more of a cult hit. The extremely underrated The Cable Guy still holds up and would be a fun project for Reitman to revisit with his series. Especially with Jason Segel stalking Joseph Gordon-Levitt (alt: Jesse Eisenberg).

Die Hard

John McClane: Tom Hardy
Hans Gruber: John Malkovich
Holly Gennaro McClane: Rachel McAdams
Sgt. Al Powell: Don Cheadle
Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson: Dean Winters
FBI Special Agent Big Johnson: Josh Brolin
Richard Thornburg: Jason Bateman
Ellis: Aziz Ansari
Argyle: Tyler the Creator

It’s really hard to mess with this one. First of all, how do you fill Bruce Willis’s shoes? Or lack of shoes?? Though I stand by the supporting cast, Tom Hardy is the only actor close enough to playing this role. There really is no replacement for 1980’s Bruce Willis.

The Shawshank Redemption

Andy Dufresne: Robert Downey Jr.
Red: Charles S. Dutton
Chief Hadley: Liam Cunningham
Warden Norton: James Cromwell

Again, very hard to top or even compare to the original here. Morgan Freeman gave perhaps his Morgan Freemaniest performance to date when playing the role of Red. I pity any actor who has to follow but Charles S. Dutton has proved he can keep pace.

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