Jewish people are often portrayed as calm and collected individuals. They are able to systematically calculate a plan to cause pain on their enemy or forgive and forget the issue that has come between them. But sometimes words are not enough and the only thing that a person can do is kick an immense amount of ass. Here is a list of eight Jewish characters in film that would even kick ass on the Sabbath. 

Eli Roth, "Inglorious Basterds."

Known as "The Bear Jew" Eli Roth's character staff sergeant Donny Donowitz develops a reputation for beating to death Nazi's with a baseball bat. And boy, does it cause a lot of mess.

Liev Schrieber, "Defiance."

Forced to build a new home in a forest in the east of Europe, brothers Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell and Liev Schrieber battle Nazis who attempt to throw them out of a home for a second time. The Nazis were tough, but these Jewish boys were tougher.

Adam Sandler, "Don't Mess with the Zohan."

Sandler has developed a reputation for being a rather silly man who makes a lot of jokes about poo. But he can also kick a tremendous amount of ass and as an ex-Israeli commando with a penchant for hair dressing he is able to make you look good after he has re-designed your face with his fists.

David "Noodles" Aaronson, " Once Upon A Time In America."

Sergio Leone's epic gangster epic is set over two generations and possesses plenty of story twists that have seen the film classed as one of the greatest of all time. De Niro's Noodles is one of the most ruthless movie gangsters ever and would no doubt beat his own mother to within an inch of her life if she owed him a dime.

Avner Kaufman, "Munich."

After the massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics, retribution was sought by a Mossad agent, played by Eric Bana, who tracks down and kills a list of Black September members who were responsible for the murder of eleven Israeli athletes.

Waler Sobchak, "The Big Lebowski."

John Goodman's character converted to Judaism because of his wife. It isn't proved if this increased his anger levels, but we do see the man bite off a German's ear. That's probably not kosher.

Mrs. Smith, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's characters know so little about each other that Mr. Smith doesn't even know his wife is Jewish. An interfaith squabble is, however, the least of their problems as they devolve into a couple's-themed game of cat-and-mouse.

Karen Hill, "Goodfellas."

The conflict between Henry Hill and his wife Karen isn't purely down to their religions, but Lorraine Bracco's character is already concerned that her mother and father would be disapproving of her gangster boyfriend just because he is Catholic. There were probably some other reasons for them to be concerned too, like the fact the he was running coke and guns into Pittsburgh.