One of the most difficult things about making futuristic movies is trying to envision the styles that would be worn in the time a movie takes place. While this is fertile ground for fantastic fashion creativity, it can also lead to some outrageous looks that are not only distracting to the movie, but laughable to actually wear as a style. Check out eight futuristic fashions that we all should hope never actually catch on.

1. "A Clockwork Orange."

Burgess and Kubrick did a great job envisioning what would have happened in the United Kingdom if the Commies had won the Cold War. The worst thing clearly would have been the dressing up as dukes and lords from the 17th and 18th centuries. Those should remain on old coins only. Even though Malcom McDowell makes it look kind of cool, it's not a style that the general populace could pull off.

2. "Aeon Flux."

Sure, Charlize Theron as the comic book character Aeon Flux looks awesome running around in a G-String while killing evil robots. But imagine this style on every woman running around in the burned-out future. Not every lady is built for the skin-tight future look, so hopefully this fad stays fictional.

3. "Judge Dredd."

Like cheap, blocky outfits that are weirdly militaristic? Then the future fashions presented in "Judge Dredd" are right up your alley. Unfortunately, you will actually have to watch "Judge Dredd" to see what you will be wearing, which is generally not an advisable activity.

4. "The 5th Element."

The colorful, outrageous outfits in "The 5th Element" are what make this bizarre, fast-paced sci-fi film really pop. However, wearing these in the future will probably create sensory overload on the general public and drive us all insane. Plus, Chris Tucker. 'Nuff said.

5. "The Matrix."

God forbid we all end up having to dress like the characters in "The Matrix," as this means we'll all be living in hopeless, depression-era times. Unless of course we can actually go into a real-life Matrix and choose any style we want. That would be sort of rad, but then, it wouldn't really exist, would it? Who knows.

6. "Tron."

Softly glowing outfits that are all the rage in the decent original and mediocre remake of "Tron" are great if you live in an all black world. But in a future that hopefully has sunlight, these outfits will be weird and drab, not too mention unnecessarily luminescent. Douse the lights, dude.

7. "Freejack."

Wearing all leather was cool in the early Eighties, which is why people like Eddie Murphy and Mick Jagger could get away with it in "Freejack." However, along with many other ridiculous things in the Eighties, we hope this future style from out past never comes back.

8. "Tank Girl."

While Lori Petty looks pretty hot throughout "Tank Girl," if every woman dressed like a tween from the Hirajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, it would get a very old very quickly. Leave this futuristic fashion to pop stars from other countries, or weirdly hot blonde war machines.