Everyone goes to the movies for a thrill that you won’t find sitting at home watching reruns on a Friday night. Sometimes, it’s in the form of a gasp-inducing kiss, a high-speed chase, or a terrifying villains' rampage, but it’s the most fun when it’s in the form of an awe-inspiring dancing movie that will blow your mind!

1. "Footloose

Ren McCormack moves to sleepy Rocky Mountain town Bumont only to find out that it’s sleep has been unnaturally induced by the town council’s overbearing decision to ban rock and roll music and dance. Falling for pretty Ariel, daughter of the local reverent and council member, he finds out why the ban came to be and presses to have it removed. Watch out for the mid-movie dancing scene featuring a Kevin Bacon stand-in going wild!


2. "Bring It On"

This fun cheerleader comedy about a cheerleading rivalry has all the fun stuff a good dance movie needs. Torrance, peppy and blonde captain of the cheerleading squad, decides to welcome Missy, a gymnast with attitude to the squad. The romance, comedy, and fun dance scenes make this one of the most enjoyable dance comedies of all time. It's tongue-in-cheek attitude helps it stand above its sequels.

3. "Step Up 2"


If you haven’t seen "Step Up 2," you’ve in for a surprise. Unlike most sequels, this one will blow your mind. At Maryland School of The Arts, a girl from the streets falls for a guy from a privileged background. The main characters are funny, the two leads are great looking and have electric chemistry as they move their bodies in sync in the rain. The final dance in this movie is jaw-dropping and electrifying because the music mash-up is perfect for the scene and the dancers are immensely talented.


4. "Dirty Dancing"


Delicate and feminine Baby has no idea that a passionate summer of love is in store for her. From a conservative family, she follows her impulse when she meets sexy Johnny, who teaches her how to “dirty dance”. This oldie deals with a topic that was even more scandalous at that time than it is now-teenage pregnancy and abortion. As Baby helps out Johnny's dance partner who finds herself in an undesirable predicament, she also becomes a pro at dancing and wows the audience in the final scene, famous for the line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”


5. "Grease"

"Grease" is the quintessential dance movie. It will blow your mind how this movie has stayed relevant through the decades. A boy and a girl fall in love one summer and think they’ll never meet again. When they do, their relationship is put through the test because she’s the innocent girl next door and he’s the rebel without a cause. Eventually they find that they will do anything for each other, even if it means to compromise. The songs and dances in this movie are all classics and still loved to this day, making it one to not be missed.


6. "Singin' In The Rain"

You haven't even a seen a dance movie unless you've seen Gene Kelly and Jean Hagen in "Singin' In the Rain." This 1952 film pokes fun at old Hollywood in between song and dance. If you want a warm, fuzzy night in with an old classic, this is definitely the one to pick. Gene Kelly is the old-school King of Dance, and this movie is Exhibit A when it comes to showing how he got that title.

7. "Flashdance"


"Flashdance" is one of those films that never dies because its dances and costumes become instant hits and transform into cultural icons over time. Those off-the-shoulder shirts and leg warmers you're likely to see at 80's themed parties were immortalized by Jennifer Beals in this film. This intense dance flick is about a girl who works two extremely demanding jobs-as a welder and as an exotic dancer-but wants to transform herself into a ballerina.


8. "Saturday Night Fever"


John Travolta is at his best in "Saturday Night Fever." Your average rebellious youth who can't seem to please his parents, can't stop fighting with his father and just can't live up to the image of his elder brother, what isn't average about Tony is his mad dance skills. Warning - you must love disco to truly appreciate this film, but even if you're not into polyester and feathered hair, the story about a young guy trying to find his way out of Brooklyn isn't too shabby, either.