8 ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Style Genre Mashups We’d Like To See

Tuesday, July 26 by
It's only a matter of time... 

Cowboys & Aliens merges the guns and grit of a western with the high-tech special effects of a sci-fi adventure. By combining the two, the film attempts to breathe new life into two genres that have been exploited in every conceivable way. Whether it will be successful remains to be seen, but regardless, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood tries its hand at another genre bending mashup. With that in mind, here are eight examples we’d like to see.

Pirates & Predators

A band of misfit pirates gets more than they bargained for when they dock at what they think is an uninhabited island.

Wizards & War Criminals

It’s a tale kept secret for decades. When the Allied Powers had lost all hope at the height of WWII, they called in wizards to help stop the Nazis from taking over the world.

Zombies & Sondheim

A Little Night Music gets the much needed addition of the undead.

Peas & Carrot Top

A jaded prop comic inherits his grandfather’s fledgling pea farm. In an effort to turn it around, he learns…nothing…and dies alone.

Husbands & Werewives

A recently married man gets the surprise of his life when the moon turns his honey into a lycanthrope.

Cops & Romulans

Some out of work Romulans take a part time gig with the Orange County Police Department minority outreach squad.

Cats & Snoop Doggs

Ancient enemies must come together for a higher purpose: stopping the FBI from shutting down California dispensaries.

Bearsharktopus & Mecha-Streisand

America’s Favorite Monster vs. America’s Oldest Beast.

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