These days, romance movies have become too formulaic. Anything with Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl is downright predictable and sometimes you can't even tell the scripts apart. (Seen "Bounty Hunter" and "One For The Money"?) Fortunately, the Brits still have a way of getting it right. If you need a romance movie for date night with you and the wifey can both enjoy, check out these movies which won't disappoint.

1.  "Brief Encounter"

A bored suburban housewife is miserably trapped in a passionless marriage with a dull husband. When she meets a stranger with whom she shares an instant magnetism, her desire to stray is a torment for her in this intense film. The smoldering looks and wistful glares help drive the movie, along with its deliberate pace.

2. "An Education"

This award-winning film gives insight into how beautiful sixties London used to be. The fashion, the styles, and the general sense of re-birth all helped to create a setting like no other. In this movie a young girl faces the choice of pursuing her own education or career or settling and marrying a much older but wealthy playboy. Not terribly compelling, but incredibly well done.

3. "Notting Hill"

An American superstar actress is breezing through London for the premiere of her new film when she runs into a charming British man. For the first time in a long time, she feels like she can be herself with a "civilian." But the true test will be whether he can handle her massive fame. Hugh Grant is charmingly befuddled in this movie, the lone example where his schtick isn't grating.

4. "Inside I'm Dancing"

Before this film's two lead stars were pitched against each other in "Atonement", they were the lead roles in "Inside I'm Dancing." A man in a wheelchair falls in love with a beautiful girl whose job is to care for him. Gifted with quick wit and and a sharp mind, his physical handicap frustrates him and prevents him from pursuing a real relationship.

5. "Atonement"

In this truly epic war story spanning decades, a small misunderstanding spirals out of control and rips lovers and families apart. The cinematography in this film is breathtaking and so is the love scene in the library, the one moment of passion two lovers are allowed before being catapulted into chaos.

6. "Bridget Jones' Diary"

Self-proclaimed overweight girl Bridget has terrible luck with men because of her lack of self-confidence and inability to judge who's Mr. Right and who's Mr. Wrong. She always falls for the most charming and handsome guy around, tries to lose weight to keep him hers and ends up with a broken heart. Until the right guy manages to find her.

7. "Love Actually"

This Christmas movie is filled with naughty bits and scenes yet still manages to be heart warming in the end. It follows eight couples and their intricately woven loves lives during the month leading up to the big day.

8. "About A Boy"

This dark comedy and romantic love story is one of Hugh Grant's best films and Nick Hornby's best written work to date. A grown man has inherited his father's royalty checks for a Christmas jingle. Not having to earn a living, he is taught how to live by a young boy with a trouble life.