There are at least 8 ballet movies that are happier than "Black Swan." Starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, "Black Swan" was a critically acclaimed, yet disturbing film. However, the film does feature a decent lesbian sex scene between Portman and Kunis. Below are eight ballet movies that ended happier than "Black Swan."

"Ballerina" "Balerina" is a documentary of five Russian ballerinas. The documentary does a great job of providing behind the scenes footage and candid interviews. Being a documentary, this French film does not have the tragic ending as "Black Swan;" instead it features five  female Russian dancers with smoking hot bodies.  Krasivaya!

"The Turning Point" Though this film includes love affairs and failed romances, it is still much happier than "Black Swan." Nominated for eleven academy awards, the only disappointing aspect of this film is that it was rated PG; potentially denying its viewers of a nude scenes involving a young, hot Leslie Browne. Oh well, that is what imaginations are for!

"Billy Elliot" This 2000 British drama features Billy Elliot, a young boy who dreamed of being a ballet dancer despite pushback from his father.  By overcoming the nearly impossible odds of being a featured ballet dancer, Elliot is later accepted to the famed Royal Ballet School. A great movie about chasing dreams and overcoming odds, "Billy Elliot"  is a film that is much happier than "Black Swan."

"Mao's Last Dancer" Another autobiographical film, Mao's Last Dancer not only centers around ballet, but features forbidden love, defection, divorce, and sacrifice.  However, everything comes together smoothly at the end as his parents are finally able to travel to the United States to watch him dance. While slightly tragic, this 2009 Australian film much more cheerful than "Black Swan."

"Center Stage" Set in the fictional American Ballet Company in New York City, "Center Stage" is about a group of students who, while talented, have certain flaws that could hinder them from becoming great dancers. Though many are forced to give up their dreams, the film is not nearly as tragic or dark as "Black Swan." However, it does not have a sexy lesbian scene like "Black Swan" either.

"Save the Last Dance" While the film starts out tragic for Sara Johnson (mother died in a car accident on the way to her failed ballet audition), the movie ends happily as she later nails the same audition and gets accepted into the famed Juliard School. The only other tragic event worth mentioning is that the movie was PG13, thus denying moviegoers a nude view of her body. 

"The Company" This movie starring Neve Campbell does not have much of a plot as it mostly centers around a ballet company, but it does reveal the hard work and dedication that is put forth by ballet dancers. Though this film is not one of the best ballet movies, it does end happier than "Black Swan." However, it does not show Campbell nude. Fortunately "Wild Things" does. 

"Dancing With Time" While ballet is a dance geared toward youth, "Dancing with Time" is about four dancers who are nearly eighty as they return to the stage one last time.  This movie is inspiring in the sense that it suggests that you are never too old to chase your dreams. Unlike "Black Swan," "Dancing with Time" does not end tragically.