8 Awkward Interviews That Make The Jerry Sandusky Q&A Look Comfortable

Tuesday, November 15 by

3. Bill Clinton

The matching of a conservative media show or host and a left-leaning subject is always good for some stilted interaction and uncomfortable exchanges, but nothing like this. It’s hard to ignore the signs that Clinton had the same resigned outlook going into this interview that Jon Stewart (above) had going into his. It’s almost like they’re looking to pick a fight. I will give the interviewer credit for going after a figure as lofty as Clinton, but I will also give Clinton credit for schooling him in such a way that should make him cry.

2. Michael Jackson

Honestly, you could have probably asked him to read a grocery list and that exchange would make this list. This came on the heels of Princess Diana’s crash with paparazzi, and the bulk of this interview addresses his relationship with the media, during which, he’s able to offer up such nuggets as “I’m not a JackO. I’m a Jackson,” and his defense of why he didn’t want his son to grow up in a fishbowl, then sold a whole grip of his pics to tabloids. Classic WackO JackO, folks.

1. Justin Bieber

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Sure, it’s only a snapshot of the interview, but Justin seems to wrestle with the word “German.” Like “of or pertaining to people or things originating in Germany.” You’d think a lesbian librarian would be a little better-versed in such a familiar word. Thank God he’s Canadian, so he doesn’t reflect poorly on this country.

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