8 Awkward Interviews That Make The Jerry Sandusky Q&A Look Comfortable

Tuesday, November 15 by

6. Jon Stewart

As a guest on Crossfire, Jon Stewart was able to unload his whole philosophy on media responsibility and the myriad ways in which Crossfire and its host Tucker Carlson fail to meet the standards he’s set. You can tell from the outset of the (long) interview that Stewart is carrying with him an “I don’t give a shit” attitude, and after trading blows lackadaisically for a few minutes, he cuts to it.

Whether or not you believe that Stewart’s in the right here (and most people who tuned in to see him obviously did), you have to admit that this is some cringe-worthy TV that makes Curb Your Enthusiasm look like…I dunno, Super Sloppy Double Dare.

5. Jim Everett/Chris Evert

I’m not a huge Jim Rome fan. In fact, I think he’s pretty awful. If you want to know why I think he’s so awful, look no further than this clip in which he repeatedly refers to former Los Angeles Ram Quarterback Jim Everett as female tennis star Chris Evert. I don’t know why he does it, and I don’t know what kind of reaction Rome was expecting from the NFL QB, but I wasn expecting a reaction in line with the one that occurred.

While interview subjects are more often than not the petulant ones, I have to side with Everett on this one. Rome’s a bit of a dick, and actually deserved worse.

4. Paula Abdul

I guess in this interview, “audio problems” means “our interview subject is effed up on pills.” If that’s the case, than this interview is rife with audio problems. She seems to have trouble talking, too, which is one thing you don’t want to have happen in an interview.

When your subject is responding with, “I’mma tell you something…lemme tell you something” in a news interview, it’s probably going to be awkward and awesome. This is both.

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