8 Actors We Used To Sort Of Hate, And Now We Sort Of Don’t

Monday, September 12 by

3. Zac Efron

ARGH! He’s…too…pretty…

But he won’t be pretty for much longer. He gets the shit kicked out of him by mobsters in The Unnecessary Death of Charlie Countryman, which should go a ways to dispelling the pretty boy image he’s garnered through roles in high school Musical, Charlie St. Cloud, and 17 Again. Further, he will go up against Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, and John Cusack in The Paperboy, which will likely serve as a make-or-break role for the young star.

I think he’s going to turn the corner, but we can still all make fun of him if he doesn’t.

2. Robert Pattinson

Twilight endeared Pattinson to countless teenage girls, but virtually no one else. And, contrary to what Wooderson believes high school girls don’t always stay the same age. Now that the curtain is closing on Twilight, it’s a mad dash to see who can carry forward a career from the franchise. (Hint: It won’t be Taylor Lautner. Because he looks like a chipmunk.)

Pattinson performed competently in Water for Elephants, but his big test lies ahead in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis where he’ll star as a millionaire having a very, very strange day. He isn’t a pretty boy in the conventional sense, because he looks like a British junkie, so I think that with a couple well-chosen roles. He should be able to shake all that “Team Edward” bullshit and become a respected leading man.

1. Russell Brand

No one in the States really knows where Russell Brand came from. He just sort of showed up one day, then was cast in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. While he certainly fit the bill in that film and the tangential Get Him to the Greek, he really hasn’t played anything but himself. While many actors can make a career out of doing just that, Brand’s space cadet persona has started to wear thin, given the poor box office showing of his Arthur remake. But Brand is savvy and self-aware enough to know when a departure is needed, so look for him to take his act in a different direction. I’m thinking rock-star Owen Wilson.

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